Monday, May 4, 2009

It has been a crazy several months and have thus been unable to blog...let alone get any sleep in the course of a 24 hour day.
But what has plagued me this semester has been the relevancy of art.

There is always a chasm between what we know and what is possible...Magritte said it best when he spoke about the mind and its ability to blind us from things around. What exactly does that mean? The Enlightenment thinkers continually professed the unthinkable capacity of the mind if cultivated and we all have been schooled to think that knowledge is how exactly could the mind blind?

Magritte took the most commonplace, banal objects and represented them in bizarre, foreign ways- to shock, to confound, to create paradox. And, Magritte believed, when one is faced with paradox, one then "sees."

But when one sees with the rational eye: the mind ...we question all ideas with the practical, the pragmatic, the feasible...BUT does this type of questioning then make less likely the manifestation of the unlikely, the unimaginable , and the impossible?

And if the impossible is closed off , do we then just surround ourselves with mediocrity?

Goya believed that artists should educate the masses with his pen but he also believed that one must flirt with the unconscious, irrational mind to create "true" art... could Goya's belief be a 19th century rephrasing of the above? Yes, it is necessary to think and question, but in order to create, to imagine, to achieve great things... it is also necessary to not allow your mind to create obstacles that could get in your way.

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