Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Today's Gift

Art sometimes shows the obvious - because we, in our daily lives, are too busy to LOOK, to really see the world around us. Street Art has become the art of today forces us to look at our environment , above, below, in crevices, in cracks in places where we least expect it to find beauty, to find art. Remember through Baudelaire that beauty does not need to be aesthetically pleasing, it need not be polished and neat, it need not be pretty - he asks that it be REAL, authentic, genuine, something that makes you FEEL: love, happiness, sadness, fear, or anger - as all of our emotions are beautiful and they all allow us to realize that we are alive. ..and life in all its emotions and tribulations a gift.

Try to make it a point everyday to find in your everyday world "today's gift" something, anything that is "beautiful"...last night when I came home from teaching class at 10:30, I went into my bedroom and saw my husband and my 2 year-old daughter sleeping together on our bed. That was "today's gift."

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